Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers the most frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers:

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1) What products do you sell?
Uniforms Express sells Uniforms, Hats, Jackets, Screened and Embroidered T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Sweat Suits, Polo Shirts and other apparel items. We also sell team bags and other accessories. Ask about our team equipment program.
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2) What brands do you sell?
Uniforms Express sells its own brand of team uniforms. This is how we are able to guarantee quality and accuracy of every order. We use the same American made fabrics used at the professional level. Compare our products to MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL... The only thing missing is the name brand logo. Part of our Free Uniform Challenge is that you won't find a more affordable pro custom team uniform.

We sell Richardson Brand Caps. Our president is an ex-professional baseball player and he feels that Richardson has the best fitting cap on the market. Uniforms Express is one of Richardson's largest dealers in the country. Buying Richardson caps from Uniforms Express guarantees you great service and value.

We also sell a variety of other brands. For customers shopping price only we also offer stock uniforms and apparel items.
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3) Why do you specialize in Tackle-Twill Lettering and Numbering (sewn on)
If you look at what the pro's wear they all use Tackle-Twill. It is the highest quality customization. It gives you the best look that lasts many seasons. We use a special process that we developed called Extra Stitch. This is one of many things that separates us from our competition. Because we cut and sew everything in-house it's priced affordably. When you consider Quality and Longevity it's the best value.
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4) What uniform styles, Sizes and Colors do you offer?
With Uniforms Express you can choose virtually any uniform style, Size or Color. Weather you want the look of your favorite team or if you want your own custom look we can make it. In fact we offer Free Uniform Design. You work with our team of graphic artist to get it just the way you like it.
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5) Where do you manufacture your products?
Uniforms Express is a global company with production capacity in the U.S., Mexico and Europe. All facilities are company owned and managed. This how we are able to offer the Free Uniform Challenge.
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1) Why are your uniforms so affordable?
Uniforms Exrpess manufactures and sells direct to the end user. We cut out the middle-man who adds cost, delays, and mistakes to the ordering process. We are the most effective uniform manufacture in the industry.
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2) What is your low price guarantee?
Uniforms Express guarantees the lowest price on comparable pro custom uniforms. Got a quote from your "local guy?" fax it over and we'll beat it if they are reasonably quoting comparable products.
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3) What's the deal with the Real Deals?
Real Deals are limited offers that can change without notice. The best way to take advantage of these deals is to request a no obligation quote. Once you have a quote you will have time to make a decision. However, Real Deals that are quantity limited are on a first come first serve basis.
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4) Do you sell at wholesale to dealers?
Uniforms Express only sells direct. Dealers that are interested in selling Uniforms Express Uniforms can call us for our recommended manufacturers.
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5) Do you offer volume discounts or team sponsorships?
Yes, we have many discount programs. To find out detailed information on discounts please call us at (855) 847-2634.
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1) What is your delivery (turnaround) time?
We've cut and sewn uniforms to order and delivered them in less than a week. We work around your need by date. Tell us when you need them and we'll guarantee you a delivery date.
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3) Do you charge a fee for Rush Orders?
This depends on the time of year. The best way to get detailed delivery information is to call us toll free at (855) 847-2634.
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1) When are you Available?
We are available Monday-Friday 7am-5pm PST. Our mission is to answer the phone on the first ring. If for any reason you call and we are not available immediately, you can hold or leave a message and we guarantee 15 minute call backs.
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2) What is "Service Now?"
We use a sales team approach. You can ask for your favorite rep but if they are busy taking another call any one of our friendly staff can help you. We try to avoid the frustrations of phone tag. Our mission is to answer the phone on the first ring and to help you immediately.
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3) How can I check the status of my order?
The best way to check on your order is to e-mail us at If your question is urgent you can call us toll free at (855) 847-2634 (US customers only). You will be asked for your name, order number and team name. COMING SOON- ONLINE ORDER STATUS
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4) I forgot my password... How can I access my order / quote?
Please e-mail us at to get your new password. Make sure to include your full name, team name and phone number.
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1) Do you offer uniform samples?
Yes, we do. In order to receive samples you must first receive a quote. There is a $20 charge which is credited towards your order. The $20 charge includes a return shipping label from UPS so there are no charges for returning the samples. All samples must be returned.
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2) Do you Graphic Sample (design illustrations)?
Yes, Design illustrations are free and you can get a custom design illustration by calling us at (855) 847-2634. If you don't know what you want one our agents together with our graphics department will help you design something you like.
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What if I need to make changes to my order after it has been processed?
Changes to an order that has already been confirmed by the customer, or was placed with no confirmation needed, will be subject to a $25 administration fee. Additionally, customers will be charged for the labor and material costs of any changes that are made.
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What if I need to cancel my order after it has been processed?
Once your order is in production customers will be charged $50 for each cancelation that occurs.
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